Westrich Pacific is an Edmonton based multifamily real estate developer specializing in high-rise residential developments. Our core focus and expertise are in creating iconic landmarks across Canada through innovative architectural designs in unparalleled locations. Our vision for the future is to continue to elevate the standards of condominium and rental living by providing exceptional value through remarkable design and leading construction technology.

Our Values


Quality begins with our employees and continues through as a core focus in all our developments. Westrich is dedicated to the client experience, precise quality control in construction and a high level of design using quality interior and exterior materials–a standard in all our projects.


As a transit-oriented developer, one of our key expertise lies in land acquisition and the ability to provide A-class locations for your new home or rental. Our development sites are purposely situated in amazing locations with proximity to public transit and LRT stations.


Whether you are an owner or a renter, Westrich is driven to create an unmatchable living experience through great design, distinct communities at a price-point that is available for all families and individuals.


Over the last ten years, Westrich Pacific has built a diverse construction portfolio ranging from land development, mixed-use communities and high and low-rise condominiums.

From the onset of our developments, we have always been committed to design-driven architecture, located in carefully researched and transit-oriented locations. We currently have a deep commitment in building rentals that provide individuals and families the elevated standard of living that one would receive from condominium ownership.

We believe our in-house project management for our developments is one of the key factors in maintaining control over the quality of our builds as our teams are involved in every facet of the process.  Westrich Pacific’s construction team is dedicated to achieving accurate project timelines and to deliver a high caliber product in every project that they embark upon.