Our Team

David Lam


David Lam has been the President of Westrich Pacific since its inception in 2010 and has been a successful business developer in the Edmonton area for nearly 40 years. With his extensive experience in the industry, David is responsible for the oversight of the company at the highest level and for making all executive decisions relating to lender approvals and personal guarantees. Throughout his career, David is credited for developing an 80-acre sub-division South Hampton’s, University Plaza, University Place and The Parliament.

David Sanche


David Sanche has been the Co-CEO of Westrich Pacific alongside Richie Lam since it’s inception in 2010. David brings ten + years of real estate experience to Westrich and is able to apply his extensive knowledge to acquire the most desirable land in Edmonton for development. David is responsible for tendering all major contracts, overseeing all interior design activity and successfully leading the sales department through his strategic leadership skills, corporate client profile and creative marketing strategies.

Richie Lam


Richie Lam has been the Co-CEO of Westrich Pacific alongside David Sanche since its inception in 2010. With ten + years’ experience as an investment banker and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance from the University of Alberta, he is able to work closely with our partners to provide his expertise in investor relations. Richie oversees all financing, daily operations, business development and leads Westrich’s in house construction team through strategic project management to create the top-quality landmarks that Westrich is known for.

Thinh An

Managing Partner: Operations

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Tracy Suttie


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Codie Hopkins

Construction Manager

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Tammy Quach

Director of Leasing & Property Management

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