Our Philosophy


We know that having a great home to return to is a top priority for many people. That is why we are dedicated to building a home that is practical, reliable, and appealing. At Westrich, providing quality and creating value is what we strongly believe in. The company specializes in concrete versus wood frame construction, which allows for a much more tranquil and private lifestyle. In addition, concrete construction is safe in case of fires and historically is better at retaining value as these buildings last much longer than their wood frame counterparts.


Our Vision


Not only do our customers play an integral part in the sales, support, and feedback of our projects, but our employees are also a huge part in making everything happen. In order to create products that our customers love and that our entire team can be proud of, Westrich will strive to become leaders in concrete construction as well as luxury condo living.

We want our commitment to transform the way people look at condominiums by displaying fascinating structures with a character that will inspire and excite the community. Westrich is driven by the constant need to be better, and to fulfill the needs of our customers. With the entire team under one company, we can ensure smoother communication, faster decision making and a more unified team to work with. By combining these we are able to offer our customers a home that they will desire, and that their friends will envy, in an efficient and timely manner. Westrich aims to reach a new level of excellence within the Western Canadian market for luxury condominiums by providing innovative & functional designs that can be enjoyed by customers and the important people around them.


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