Blanket Home Warranty


Every new property developed by Westrich Pacific Corp is insured by a third party new home warranty provider, Blanket New Home Warranty Coporation.

Your new home warranty coverage guarantees protection of your unit as well as all the common areas and amenities of the building. It is effective at the beginning date you take possession for the duration of the warranty period.

For more information on what is included in your warranty, please visit Blanket online at

  Blanket Home Warranty

Customer Experience


1. Sales consultant meeting. Choosing your new home

You will begin with a personal consultation meeting with a Westrich Pacific professional who will guide you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction and comfort every step of the process. At our sales centre you will find all the details to make an informed purchase and take all the uncertainty out of the purchasing process. You will choose a preferred unit with a floor plan the suits your lifestyle needs. For this significant purchase for your life, It should be enjoyable and our team is there to assist you every step of the way, providing outstanding customer care is our top priority.

2. Purchase agreement

The next step in the process in the purchase of your home is to sign the purchase agreement. After signing the agreement you will have Westrich Pacific Corp committed to providing you your dream home to your complete satisfaction. We will keep you informed with updates throughout the construction process.

3. Color Selection

During construction you will be contacted to schedule your personal consultation with our professionals to select the colors and finishing’s for your suite. At this time you will be able to choose upgrade and personalization options to make your home unique and make your home truly yours.

4. Walk through inspection and possession

The next step is the walk through. At this milestone you will be invited to inspect the unit to ensure all the work has been completed to your satisfaction. Please prepare for this inspection by noting your unit's  colors, upgrades, and finishings in order to take advantage of this opportunity to correct any mistakes. Our professionals inspect the unit with you and make note of any deficiencies. At this inspection you will receive a certificate of completion and possession from Blanket New Home Warranty as well as a home information package. Should any deficiencies be found they will be corrected in time before you take possession of the unit. After deficiencies are fixed your date will be set for key pick up and possession of your new Westrich Pacific home. Congratulations!